I am 30, so what I am doing to my life! When I was in Morocco for a once in a lifetime trip, I met a lot of young travelers in their early 20s sharing their journey which made me amazed. I was traveling in my early 20s around South East Asia then settle in the Middle East for a job, so I think travel has molded me enough for what I am before I launched my blog to the world.

The “30 Milestone” is a huge statement and you might feel old. You have been told that those days of being 20s is the most crucial time of traveling the world of continues partying, meeting new friends on Facebook, and frivolous enjoyment.

Muslim 30

It’s about time to break that mentality! While I met anyone in their early 20s, I can’t deny the fact that being a Muslim of my 30 embraced me a lot of realizations that our world has to offer and be a responsible traveler.

I took a leap of faith and freedom – and still breaking the stereotypes as much as I could. I am just sick of staying in my room, doing the same routine over and over again. But that was in my early 20s!

As a Muslim traveler, it is not about fun. You don’t see me in pubs. I would rather walk the desert and meet people and shares conversation. Don’t get me wrong, I pray five times on time as much as possible, no alcohol and some forbidden acts that need not do.

Here are the reasons why traveling in the 30s as a Muslim is still better than those 20s :

1. Understanding the world

Muslim 30

You are mature to understand the world and you create a wisdom of appreciation better than anyone. You appreciate the surroundings better than your early 20s because it gives you deeper understanding why our world has changed than ever before. You are more grateful for the things you had and places you have been than anyone else because you know the truth than what the mass media is portraying on TV news and social media.

Yes, I am old enough to know the purpose why I am living and continuously photographs those beautiful landscapes and slums in this world. Come on, I don’t to follow the same herd!


2. I spend that real hard-earned cash

Muslim 30s

I am a Muslim, so it is my responsibility or our responsibility as a Muslim to do the Zakat or Charity not only every year but every day as much as we can. But that hard earned cash I get from my corporate salary and my travel blog business will be spent based on priorities. While in your 20s, I don’ think about priorities and which things are important or not- as long as I have the cash in my wallet- I will spend it on!

I will be on a stage where I don’t worry about the budget in every trip but setting priorities where you don’t have to spend 5 days in a luxury hotel and worry later!


3. I am better at Packing (Yeah!)

Muslim 30s

When I turned 30, I embrace minimalism to control everything that I have, things that I don’t need and what matter’s most during my trip. I swear I was the worst backpacker during my 20s!

I remember when I first traveled to The Philippines with a small backpack full of things that I don’t need but don’t have the things I need. You can imagine how stressful it was to travel when you are not good at packing. Eight kilos of towels and toiletries on my back, now it does make sense when you can buy these things there rather than carrying them with you.


4. A better appreciation

Muslim 30s

When I was in my 20s, I normally spent time in regretting than taking over my time. I often bitching the past than thinking a long-term future. That being said, today is a different approach. I can still see the world and realized that the world is still mine, and you just need to make it more personalized.


5. A Deeper Interest


During your 20s, you might go to social events and concerts while the “30” you will say Museum, national parks, and cliff jumping- just go for it! While I don’t debate the difference between a tourist and a traveler because I can be both of them at any time. The most important lesson to learn is you have a deeper understanding whatever interest you are in.


6. Your wife or husband will insist to travel with you

If you are married now, you can relate to this.