Hi. I’m Hafiz. Welcome to Travel with Hafiz. 

This is a travel and lifestyle blog that will inspire you to travel the world and be an inspiration to others.


 In 2014, I quit my job as a call center employee in the Philippines and took off to work a thousand miles away to the Gulf region. Contrary to some belief, Saudi Arabia is a magnificent country to work, live, and explore. I took a courage to set up this blog since I love to travel and writing. Along the way, I realized that I inspire people not only to my own countrymen living in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia but to some people back home.

One year later, Travel with Hafiz remains a place to tell real experiences of my past and future travels, gastronomy and words to celebrate life.  It is more than just a travel blog, my popular quote ‘Travel has no boundaries” has been an inspiration to others that no matter where we are, what places we live in and borders don’t mean boundaries. It has seen in Huffington Post, TripAdvisor, Buzzfeed, National Geographic , Morocco World News ,  and some media outlets.

 My ultimate goal is to share stories that inspire learning through photography, writing, food and other resources of celebrating life.

It has been a crazy ride to get to where I am now – sleepless nights, spending every second of my free time every day in my apartment after work in blogging, photographing, editing videos, pitching brands, and replying to emails..and I love it!

I was spending more money than I was making and same with other bloggers, most of us started as for fun, shared travel experiences while overseas and eventually turned this blog into a business. Over a year, Travel with Hafiz has reached thousands of readers, worked with various brands in Dubai, Singapore, and Spain.

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