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Blog Archives - Page 2 of 4 - Travel with Hafiz



What? Is it a new year? Most of us including me has a lot of plans and normally jot down those plans and suddenly stopped..okay, definitely I will. Insha Allah, God willing it will be done.

I am going to share a no brainer tips on how to make things right and fulfill your travel plans this year.



1. Start a savings account

This is a first no-brainer way to make your travel goals happen. Come on, you can even open a bank account for 1$ fee or free depending on the country that you live in.You can start small, and add more whenever you can and whatever you do. I always did this whether I am on an annual vacation or setting my long term travel goals.

2. Embrace a list, write a note

Have you tried writing things that you wanted to do on a sticky note in the office or just random things you listed on your journal? It is okay to have visions for this year and having these things that you wanted to do for this year is an amazing idea.

3. Get a travel insurance

Travel insurance is one of my travel resources whenever I get a chance to travel. If you have enough savings for insurance, getting an annual policy is much cheaper than a single trip insurance based on my experience, but if you are not traveling full time, a one-time travel insurance policy will work for you.


4. Forget about those naysayers

Whilst I respect those feedbacks and links that were sent to me through my emails and Facebook messenger, I don’t really take it as a hindrance to visit a country. Let me say this, I believe that there is no perfect country and sometimes it is scarier to be back home than you are in a foreign land.

Go with your plans, although you need to do some research. Are you told not to travel to those countries? Damn, go for it.

5. Stop making excuse, my friend

This is the major barrier that holds us back to explore the world. You need to have a mindset that travel is not just money, it is the experience that makes us rich. Forget about a myth that travels are so expensive since 2007. Seriously? Start a new year on the road and see you!