I always love seas and skies and the palm tree.  My home country has more than 7,000 islands that are scattered all over the vast seas in the pacific ocean. When I heard the country Maldives, the first word that came to my mind is paradise. More than just a paradise it is truly awesome to visit.

Dive in Maldives

Dive enthusiasts will love the diving spots of Maldives. A lot of divers around the world had picked Maldives as one of the best diving destinations. Maldives Dive Travel  is an awesome travel company that helps travelers across the world makes their experience unforgettable from accommodation to diving services. What I like about this company is that they will feel you at home even you are away from your country

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More Than Just a Beach

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Maldives has a lot to offer and as a traveler it was easy for me to adopt the places. Having a Filipino passport too, I got a chance to travel the country with visa on arrival.  I love Maldives not only the people but the inner beauty of its nature. If you are exhausted in urbanized city this destination will let you refreshed


Delicious Foods on the Table

Can you imagine having unlimited foods on the table that you can’t stop putting that on your plate?














Having Maldives Dive Travel  arrange the holiday that you want of your life. One of the famous places is Mathiveri Island is a local inhabited island, therefore, you not only have the experience of the beautiful Maldivian beaches you also have the opportunity to see first hand how Maldivian’s live.  The island is well laid out with track roads; local houses; a small local school; clinic; local shops and a traditional coral stone mosque. Casa Mia Dive Retreat is your home away from home.   Just ten beautifully appointed private rooms, situated along the beach next to our private swimming pool and restaurant facility.  All this surrounded by our private garden, with all rooms facing the ever-enticing glittering sea. A sensational package price is offered: it includes the transfer, full board meals, accommodation, diving, all taxes and fees.

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Volunteering in Saving Manta Ray


Every year volunteers from around the world participate in field research projects and activities with the Manta Trust, primarily to collect scientific data and promote the conservation of manta rays through educational awareness campaigns. Maldives Dive Travel has partnered with Manta Trust– a UK registered charity that helps in the conservation through research, awareness and education for Manta Rays in Maldives.












Above are just some of the awesome experiences that you can expect and do in Maldives. If you want to spend your holiday in the beautiful country of Maldives you may book here