Middle East


If you saw my recent post about the Middle East and Africa, you might amaze how I manage to travel solo without a car or companions sometimes.

I always feel ecstatic when I captured the best moments in my travel life especially those off the beaten path places and unique experiences I mostly share in my social media accounts where I could tell stories to my followers and family. I also want to highlight that I am a Muslim, so visiting some restricted areas for non-Muslims like in Saudi Arabia is a privilege as an expat too.

“How did you go there?” or “You are crazy” was the first question.

So they proceeded to ask where the place is located.


Let us talk about the Middle East

Because we can’t trust the media is saying nowadays, my travel to Saudi Arabia and Morocco (North Africa) were the most remarkable of all. As I travel to different landscapes and weather, while my pen and a journal started to record every single memory of my journey.

Middle East

Hafiz trip by numbers:



A number common to everyone but I would like to reserve this for respect. Respect is a word I always have wherever I go. People are kind in nature, just treat them with respect and you will deserve a respect you wanted to have whether you are in the Middle East or somewhere in Africa.




The number of kilometers I traveled on the road through walking and public transportation. I was on the road for more than two months and spent difficulties in getting the right people to ask when I got lost and experienced those joys with new friends I met on the road too.




The number of mountains I climbed during my recent trip to Al Abha, Al Baha, Madain Saleh, and Taif. Each place has unique characteristics. Al Soodha park in Abha is the highest and coolest place in the Kingdom, while that highest peak of Madain Saleh is the hottest place with amazing  Palace antiquities. Al Baha is one of my favorite cities in the Kingdom and Taif. Jabbal Dakka in Taif never failed to impress me through its valleys and beautiful mountains situated in the West region of the Kingdom.




The number of companions I had a long the way. While I am not the type of traveler who set strict criteria to be with me on the road, I usually ask for a plan on how can we manage to get to a specific destination. I traveled with great people from Europe and locals of the place we are traveling.

Middle East




The number of distance in Kilometers where Madain Saleh, Saudi Arabia is located to the North East of Petra, Jordan. In 2008, UNESCO’s World Heritage Committee (WHC) agreed on Madain Saleh site to join the World Heritage List. Thus, the site has become the first archeological site in Saudi Arabia to be enlisted by the WHC of the UNESCO. It is known that the Nabataeans had founded a large kingdom extending from their capital Petra (Sila) in the north to Madain Saleh in the south.