Travel Tips


I stop counting the remaining days that I had from the start of my travel because this has been my lifestyle more than just a trip. As an expat in Saudi Arabia, going back to work make me lonely not because I need to work hard again but the reason for missing my routine and friends that I left in my second home country.


It was hard to accept that after months on the roads, spending time with my family and friends, being stimulated by new sights, new people and crazy experiences, are going to an end – I hate it!

Call it- boring.

My bed is missing me or is it me missing my comfortable bed? But, I will be missing the costa del sol of Spain or the romantic sand dunes of Merzouga. My fellow travelers do always speak about leaving, and I am much more excited to share it. But what about coming home?

I am guilty about this.

I was a great story teller of my own adventures whenever I get a chance to share it with strangers aside from my blog. I often share how hard it is on the road, joys of learning lessons while I am in an adventure so on and so forth. All the difficulties that I had were deleted because of the comfortable experience I had.

As an expat, leaving Saudi Arabia is just a reminder that this is a vacation, not a long term travel but a privilege that I had with my company after a long two years of hard work. I have a choice of leaving the company if I don’t bother with the bad employment records or going back and continue to be an expat to fund my lifestyle and family.

While change is the only constant, I will be expecting some adjustments within my workplace, the city that I lived in, and some information that I need to know during my absence.

The feeling of leaving again is called travel bug. The feeling of getting more lost from your previous place or hometown than your previous destination.

I don’t want to force a smile, but I hardly say this could be the hardest way to say goodbye.

While on the other side, I know that the contradiction of coming back is making me nuts. Coming back means I will be seeing some of my peers and places I haven’t seen for months. It will be a joy to see same people with extraordinary jokes, out of the town trips, and so on. But on the other side, there will be a little change, a little everything has changed and that is me. Urghh!

But the changed that I have experienced while meeting new people, shared real stories with my friends, and family that impacted me deeper. Understanding more cultures and the reality. It opened my eyes more than just a day dreamer. I perceived change as not scary, but a test on how we cope with inevitable circumstances while on the road.

Travel has taught me from accepting imperfections, respect, and love.

Travel has changed me, and that it was hard to come home.

But I never regret it.