dila mshvidobisa!(დილა მშვიდობისა)or good morning in the Georgian language. My name is Hafiz and I will take you to one of the Georgian hotels and its amazing Georgian hospitality approach to travelers. When I first wrote the article about Georgia. a lot of my readers across the Asia and middle east started to realize that people have the option to explore. The hotel is the second option for travelers if you have nothing to stay in a place where you are a stranger in an unknown place. Hotel 27 in Georgia will be your address and home.


Whenever I travel, I don’t combine hotel and flight easily if either of them is expensive to book. But that perception could depend on the hotel or flight, hotels can be more comfortable if the services are excellent and I don’t care as long as I am getting this kind of service. Hotel27 in Georgia has a unique approach to travelers. Imagine spending for your Georgian vacation is already a plus, however, hotel27 is a great combination to enjoy your stays.


The most important part of a hotel is the room. This hotel has three types of rooms which are Standard Double, Twins and Executive. Airport picks up from Tbilisi airport is available for a hotel booking for at least 3 nights more. Sounds good!


You know what made me comfortable with this hotel is their approach to travelers. They will make you feel like a family and not a stranger. And that it had put me in a realization that traveling to a country will make you feel home with the hotel you are staying. Accessibility is one factor why I am staying in hotels. Hotel27 is only a 15-minute drive from the airport and less than to subway and bus stations.



Georgian people developed the tradition of hospitality. Love and boundless respect for guests devotion to host’s duties and a traditional feast. That’s why Hotel27 is not just a hotel for travelers but a hotel of great hospitality management well crafted to personalized your experience.




WIFI Let’s accept the fact that wifi access has been a major concern for travelers. Without wifi will surely disappoint you. The hotel has a wifi access and that is free! This is something that hotels should consider in today’s generation.




BREAKFAST Bread, sweets and wine – you can all see these on the hotel dining. And they are all healthy breakfast! The hotel serves healthy breakfast with unique complementary buffet breakfast.

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Tbilisi is now getting popular for the tourist, not only its places but the reviews that every traveler told their unique experience. All I can say is that whenever we travel we want our experience to be good, it is the memories that we collect not the things we use.




Hotel 27 in Tbilisi is just an amazing place to live. I would consider this hotel a five star for their excellent service compare to a luxury hotel in Georgia. Ooops! one thing to consider if you are excited to book your travel with them, you can make reservations by using the website and an email will be sent to you.



Do you want to start a conversation with them? You may check their website here or like their facebook page



————- Disclaimer: This stay was complimentary but opinions are my own———————————–