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Learn Spanish Language

¡Hola!   ¿Cómo estás(Hi! How Are You?)

Language is addictive. Spanish is a beautiful language. Isn’t it? More than 400 million native speakers speak Spanish in 21 countries. I traveled and lived in Spain for a while when my company required me to have a formal study in Spanish at Madrid, Spain. You can learn Spanish even you are not in Spain.

Yes, it was paid by the company but with two years bond or else I should pay hundreds of Philippine money if in case I will resign.

Off course, I finished my contract with them. I don’t want to be doomed.

I was hired because of my near-native Spanish skills. It’s just that I did not have a formal education.

I can fully understand what a Spanish native will talk.

Denada. I studied and fully immersed with Castilian language. No habla Ingles. I was like in a place where English is not a priority.

I was forced to Speak Spanish with the local. Sang a song, went to siestas and studied the culture.

Filipinos and Spanish have the same culture. 300 years of Spanish colony was not a joke.

If Spanish is not your language, here are some tips for learning the Spanish language even you are not in a Spanish country.



Perfecto! This is the cheapest way to learn the language big time! Say goodbye to language institute. Immersing your Spanish skills will help you a lot. When I was working in the Philippines, I used to speak with my Spanish speaking friends in a possible way I can. Shower conversation is effective in learning Spanish. But if you don’t have one, you can use Facebook by joining groups. I am sure there a lot of them.



2. ESCUCHAR MUSICA ( Listen to music)


Cuando Me Enamoro by Enrique Iglesias, Colgando en Tus Manos by Carlos Baute and Martha Sanchez and No Soy Una De Esas by Jessie y Joy are examples of songs sang by Spanish singers. There are many of them. Listen carefully on how they pronounce each Palabras(words).

Mimic them and repeat as many as you can. Nail it!





Si. Tongue twisters will help you to exercise your tongue through Spanish words. As a language trainer, I normally let my trainees read and memorize these words. It can be tiring to your jaw but trust me, it is going to be fun.

Example of tongue twisters:

1. El vino vino, pero el vino no vino vino. El vino vino vinagre.

2. De Guadalajara vengo, jara traigo, jara vendo, a medio doy cada jara. Que jara tan cara traigo de Guadalajara.

Remember: In Spanish, we don’t pronounce the letter “j” as djey”. Instead, it should pronounce as silent “j” as “he”. Like Guadalajara should be “Guadalahara”, “hara”




You now have the points to remember in learning Spanish. Now, I have to be honest with you. Practice and Speak. Don’t mind if you will get mistakes. So what? But it doesn’t mean to say you need to do it every time. Does practice make perfect , right? But you need to apply it. If you have a chance to visit any latin countries or Spain, then GO!





I know it is not easy. It takes time to learn a language because I have been living in an Arab world that don’t speak my own language. Stick to your goal: “To Learn The Spanish Language”.

If you are a traveler, I would suggest living like a local where you can practice your Spanish skills. Remember that there is a difference between a tourist and a traveler.




Don’t expect to learn the language if you choose to be a tourist. You will be defocused.

A traveler will learn a lot not just the language but the culture as well.
Vale, if you have questions send me an email at abdulhafizali1985[at]gmail[dot]com or feel free to comment below. Muchas gracias a todos!