The Power of Philippine Passport

Alright. Filipinos can travel more than 16 countries. I know you are excited to know how far your passport can take you or you want to know the list of countries that you can travel without a visa. Are you planning to travel using a Philippine passport? Here are the best countries you should visit using your powerful Philippine passport!

Whether you are a neophyte traveler, a blogger or trying to fill in the gap year these awesome places to travel will definitely take you to memories that you will never forget. Aside from traveling to ASEAN countries like Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei Darussalam, Cambodia, Thailand, Singapore, and Vietnam WITHOUT VISA, there are a lot of countries that Philippine passport can take you and be a wanderlust.

I will be providing top countries should visit by using the power of our passport.

Let me explain first the difference of Visa on Arrival(VOA), Visa Free and Pre-Visa. VOA refers to a visa that is given once you arrived at the airport or border control. Whereas at Visa Free- it is completely non-processing visa needed as long as you have the return tickets and funds to finance your cost of living while enjoying the beautiful places of a certain country. However, a Pre-Visa is obviously a visa needed before you can take a flight to your destination.

Here is the list of best countries that a Philippine passport can take you:

1. Brazil

Where: South America

Visa Free: 90 days

Is Rio de Janeiro your dream country? Want to experience how Brazilians play football and the majestic carnivals of Rio De Janeiro, whether you want to spend a wonderful time at Copacabana beach or ride a Serra Verde express train. These are only some of the places you can do in Brazil.


2. Colombia

Where: South America

Visa Free: 90 days

One thing I love traveling to Colombia is the language. Since I speak Spanish, language was never an issue but most Colombians speak English too. Aside from the culture that still amazes me until now, you can also visit the iconic fortress of Castillo de San Felipe de Barajas, the stunning Rosario islands, and visit Cartagena’s old town.


3. Morocco

Where: Africa

Visa Free: 90 days

This made me surprised to know that Morocco doesn’t require a visa for Filipinos. Morocco is located in northern Africa . The kingdom of Morocco is a country in the Maghreb region bordering the Atlantic ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. Arabic and Tamazight are the official languages however French is also the recognize language because Morroco became the French protectorate. A Filipino can stay up to 90 days without a visa, however, visa extensions can be a frustrating and time-consuming process. Although, I haven’t tried extending my visa stay but some find it easier to duck into the Spanish-controlled Ceuta or even Melilla and re-enter Morocco for a new stamp.

4. Georgia

Where: Europe

Visa on Arrival: 90 days with invitation

Ananuri castle overlooking Zhinvali water reservoir !♡

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For me, Georgia is the heart of the Caucasus after Armenia. Tbilisi is the capital and there’s a lot more to do across the country. Georgia recently opens its doors to tourism and is becoming popular. A lot Filipinos flocked to visit Europe yet so easy to book a flight if you are working in the Middle East or even in the Philippines.

5. Kosovo

Where: Europe

Visa Waiver: 15 days

You read it right. Kosovo is one of the countries that allows Filipinos entry for 15 days without a visa. Kosovo is located in Europe, it is a new found country in the Balkans. If you have a valid visa of Japan, USA, Schengen, UK. Canada, and Australia then no visa is needed. You can apply in Istanbul, Turkey a Kosovo visa or no visa is needed if you are a holder of a valid biometric residence permit issued by one of the Schengen member states or valid multi entry for 15 days.

6. Armenia

Where: Europe

Visa on Arrival: 120 days

Oh Armenia, the visa is easy to obtain through online or in the airport. Applying an e-visa online will save you from long queues. You can also cross the border of Armenia through Georgia to save you time.


7. Palau

Where: Pacific Islands

Visa on Arrival: 30 days


Palau is a country of paradise. Located in the pacific ocean and a protectorate of the United States of America. It is located 500 miles from the Philippines and the currency is US dollars. If you like to extend your stay a $100 fee and should be approved by the chief of immigration. Sounds cool right?


8. Seychelles

Where: Africa

Visa Free: 30 days


This is good news for Filipinos. You can take your whole family unless you have complete documents like return tickets, proof of financial and accommodation during stay. The passport should be valid on the date of entry to and exit from Seychelles. There are a lot of attractions to enjoy in Seychelles from beautiful beaches, marine parks, and great restaurants.

9. Tajikistan

Where: Asia

Visa on Arrival: 45 days

A country that is located in central Asia surrounded by Afghanistan. Filipinos can enjoy great sceneries and cultural activities. Tajikistan may not appear on most people’s favorite destination, its mountains are the most beautiful in the world and the terrain is wild. Tajikistan is a stunning place and there is plenty to do. The Fann mountains provide trekking opportunities that are world call. So plan your trip!


10. Peru

Where: South America

Visa Free: 183 days

Aside from Brazil and Colombia, exploring Peru is a great option for Filipinos in Latin America. Although it is advisable that you need to speak at least basic Spanish, Peruvians are hospitable and kind based on my experience. Staying 183 days in Peru can give you more chances of knowing the culture and the people.


11. Ecuador

Where: South America

Visa Free: 90 days

Ecuadorian people are just damn nice. This country is underrated in Latin America. Filipino can stay up to 90 days to visit Galapagos islands, Andes, Pacific coast and Amazon.


12. India

Where: Asia

Visa on Arrival: 30 days eVisa online

Imagine you will be in Le Ladakh where the famous 3 idiots filmed the magnificent mountains and cool place. Or visit the Kerala state of India? There are a lot of places to explore in India not only the capital New Delhi or the famous Mumbai.


13. Israel

Where: Middle East

Visa Free: 90 days

Sad to say that most Filipinos are not aware that they can visit Tel Aviv without a visa. Although fare price is not cheap and reasonable unless you can afford, Jerusalem is the holy city of Christians, Muslims, and Jews.


14. Laos

Where: Asia

Visa on Arrival: 21 days

Yes! Filipinos can visit Laos for 21 days. Not bad, this country is becoming popular because of its old monasteries and temples. It has a rich history stretching back 10,000 years. Your travel in Laos will not complete without visiting Khonephapheng waterfall and it was recorded as the largest waterfall in the world. Laos is a country that is untouched by modern demands, stress, and peace. If you are looking for authentic places then Laos is the option. I recently joined  Laos Today Tomorrow Forever, a non-profit organization with my friend Ken as the founder of this mission. 



15. Fiji

Where: Pacific Islands

Visa on Arrival: 120 days visitors permit upon arrival

Another country that is not common for travelers. Filipinos will surely love Fiji because of its islands beauty. Clearwater and sky that matches the heaven as they said. This is definitely one of my bucket lists.

16. Costa Rica

Where: Central America

Visa on Arrival: 30 days

Another Spanish speaking country that Filipinos should travel. Costa Rica is rugged, Central American country known for its volcanoes, beaches, and biodiversity. It is one of the world’s eco-tourism destinations, so Filipinos let us visit Costa Rica!


Above countries are just some of the best. This article will be updated from time to time.

Do you have some countries in mind that you want to share? Please comment below.