Celebrate A Year of Travel Blogging

Time to celebrate and thanks, everyone.


You read it right! It is my birthday as a travel blogger. It’s too late than never and there is no any reason to be sad since I survived my first year. Only a small percentage of blogs survive their first year- and I am proud that I’m one of them. I still remember my first day of hitting the “Publish” button for the first time using a free hosting service of WordPress. Although, the only purpose why I created Travel with Hafiz is to keep in touch with my family and friends.

I was surprised with the reactions of the people who was able to read my blog about my travel experiences and well-crafted stories as an expat in the most conservative country in the world. I was staring at my company’s journal for 10 minutes and started to write about the things that I want to do. Since I love to travel and writing, I came up with an idea, a great idea that could help travelers and those who wish to be a travel blogger someday.

I took my leather wallet that my mom gave to me and grabbed the credit card and registered a domain. Whilst the payment is processing I felt an excitement and I know this is the start of everything.

Ooops! if you just started a travel blog or want to know my blogging story, don’t stop reading 😉

I admit, I took a risk and there is no turning back. This is a responsibility and I still have a side job to focus on! silly.


Loving my own skills. I love writing and photography, and coffee. Just kidding! This is what I call “Love your own” attitude. God, the creator has given us talents to showcase and be an inspiration to others. One of the secrets of personal branding is “Be an expert on what you are doing“. That being said, if writing is my talent then I should work hard to become an expert .


I don’t stop learning from the experts. This is one of the most realistic statements that others tend to forget. Yes! I am an expert in my own skills but it doesn’t mean I can’t be mentored or coach. When I set up my own travel blog, I looked at  my website and compared   to some of the most expensive themes out there. The result is ” I was not contented”. So, I watched some travel blogging tips and joined a conversation on Youtube, read some inspiring travel blogs, browse stunning photos, and joined podcasts.


My first month of blogging in a small room in Saudi Arabia


I set aside Google Analytics and stopped starring on them. I did focus on the skills and experiences that I can collect. Jot down some important notes from Youtubers, upcoming travel bloggers, and social media influencers.


Some of the greatest content creators and travel bloggers


Mike Corey of Kick The Grind 

“A breakdancing marine biologist turned travel Youtuber”




Nadine Sykora of “Hey Nadine

“The travel vlogger, videographer, blogger and comedy youtuber”


Oh hi Montreal 😊🇨🇦

A post shared by Nadine Sykora (@heynadine) on



Kate Thomas of Travel with Kate

” I find out what the locals know” -Kate




Kristen Sarah of Hopscotch The Globe

“Risk and adventure seeker, travel junkie and funny”




Aileen Adalid of IamAileen

” She quit her corporate job to travel the world”


Hello from Bandung, Indonesia! ✨💕 #AileenInIndonesia Shot by @camiejuan

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Trisha Velarmino of Psimonmyway

“A full-time traveler who shares her unique experiences”



..hold on, they are famous and “I am getting there”.

I will write content that is easy to read. Perhaps, this is the simplest way to capture the heart of the people through my travel experiences. When I published an article “How To Quit Your Job To Travel The World” I knew that I nailed. I did not realize that until this article went viral and people started to pay attention and understand the article.


Early this year, I became a contributor to  Huffington Post US Edition


Huffington Post Contributor


And a guest post to Ezebee online magazine based in Switzerland.



From a new fan who happens to be my former boss..

A new fan



Alright! today is the start of my second year of blogging. I am travel blogger that will inspire you to travel the world. And borders doesn’t mean boundaries.

I am positive to learn different thing along the road, people that I will be meeting in different places, food that I will be eating and some inspirational stories of people who are changing the world.

A Note To My Self:

  • Redesign my blog for easy and more responsive to mobile. I need to innovate too!
  • Some exciting interviews from different media outlets. stay tuned!
  • A Guest post and meet up with Moroccan media outlet. Cool!
  • Speaking engagements. I love to speak!
  • A New Youtube Channel. Embracing great vlogging about my travel


With all of these words, these are nothing without you, friends! Someday, when we will meet on the road don’t be shy to say hello 😉

Happy Blogaversary! Travel with me, travel with Hafiz.

I will always stay positive to influence the people that travel has no boundaries no matter what.



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Abdul Hafiz Ali
Founder and Editor in Chief
Hafiz is the Founder and Editor in Chief of Travel with Hafiz. He is an expat turned travel blogger, self-taught photographer and digital entrepreneur. He speaks Spanish, Arabic, and Filipino.

Hafiz is the Founder and Editor in Chief of Travel with Hafiz. He is an expat turned travel blogger, self-taught photographer and digital entrepreneur. He speaks Spanish, Arabic, and Filipino.

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