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Right Place: How To Avoid Passport Robbers-Travel with Hafiz



Going somewhere in a new place can be daunting while travelling. Passport is a travel document and without them, you can’t

travel everywhere especially when going different countries for international travels. While Barcelona is the pickpocket capital of the world based on the opinion of travelers, keeping your precious passport safe is the best way to avoid travel issues.

Ah! the pages of your passport can take you. That is if you keep your passport safe and secure.

When I arrived in a country where I need to use my logic and instinct to keep me safe from robbers, I am securing all of my things in my backpack.


Take a photo of your passport.

This is the basic thing you need to do. Take a picture of your passport if in case your passport will be lost, scan it and email yourself of yourself a scan of your passport or save it on dropbox. I also store them on my laptop, send a copy to my home, and take a hard copy of it.

Make a laminated, copy of the main page of your passport. Well, it is a must that we hand over our passport to border guards, immigration staff, hotel receptionist, and transport booking it will still require nothing more than the main details of your passport like Name and passport number. Cool!

A laminated credit card sized version of a photocopy of the passport can easily be fitted on your wallet and won’t damage rapidly as a regular hard copy.



Leave the passport in the room.

I understand that sightseeing is something that we should not forget when you travel out of the country. You don’t need a passport with you when you do hiking, right? You could use the hidden money belt but it looks intimidating , you don’t need to go downtown while the passport is with you hidden under your wallet. You can put the passport under the bed onto safety. Grab some cash and put it on the security box or safety place in the room.




Take the passport before leaving.

When rushing on for leaving the place, we tend to forget our passport. Take the passport with you before your check out time in the hotel or leaving from your room place. Relax and take a breath before leaving, check if everything is pack up and good to go.

tensions and personal issues are reasons you will forget your passport. You will only notice when you are at the airport. Sh*t, this is insane. I hope that could not happen to me anymore, never again. When you are travelling alone or with your special someone, we can’t avoid issues that can ruin our last minute of travel or the entire experience. Make sure to set aside the issues and focus on the purpose why you need a travel of your life.

Damn, grab your passport and leave. I am sharing this important words because I myself had this horrible experience in my life.


Take this. 

What is the worst place to keep your precious passport? Mind you, putting in the back pocket of your jeans or an open pocket of your backpack.

How often I see this on the road and became a concerned citizen. “Hey! your pocket is open!”


There you go. A Passport Scam and corrupt police.

I lived in the Philippines where this incident is just a normal story. Remember that not everyone you meet n the road is nice as James Bond. Corrupt or fake police will tear you apart from this world in a reality that you and your passport will have to say goodbye.

A fake police officer is a common problem for travelers . They dressed in a police uniform, Asking your passport and boom! open sesame..extortion comes in. Give the money they will ask from you and get your passport.

The truth of the matter is that when a real police officer with a clear intention will have to bring you in the nearest possible police station and they will investigate you. If in case, you left your passport in the hotel room, they will accompany you.


Alright. Do you have any passport tips to avoid passport robbers? Share your thoughts!


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Abdul Hafiz Ali
Founder and Editor in Chief
Hafiz is the Founder and Editor in Chief of Travel with Hafiz. He is an expat turned travel blogger, self-taught photographer and digital entrepreneur. He speaks Spanish, Arabic, and Filipino.

Hafiz is the Founder and Editor in Chief of Travel with Hafiz. He is an expat turned travel blogger, self-taught photographer and digital entrepreneur. He speaks Spanish, Arabic, and Filipino.

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