Travel blogging has made me more efficient than ever as a person aside from the places that I traveled.

You want to start your own but don’t know how to start? This detailed and honest guide will give you how to start a travel blog.

I often asked about how to start a travel blog. Alright. I Know. But travel blogging isn’t an overnight success. I spent huge sweat and sleepless nights to set my blog on the right track.

After a year of perseverance from trial and error, it made me realize that setting a travel blog is not easy.

How To Start A Travel Blog


Let me start by saying that travel blogging is a serious job. I am not a full-time travel blogger but to set up a blog needs determination not just because of money. The words travel and blog are two important topics you need to understand and how these words will have an impact on your chosen path as a travel blogger.

I started blogging by signing up WordPress-a free hosting website that everybody loves. Companies like CNN, BBC, Time Inc., Sony Music, TechCrunch and other notable singers like Beyonce are using WordPress.

Now, take note that WordPress.com is different from WordPress.Org, make sure to choose WordPress.com so you can host your own website unlike with .org you need to download a software and install it on your own server. WordPress.com is totally free!

1. Choose a killer domain name

What I mean is your brand name. What kind of travel blogger are you? How do you want people will remember you? Are you a nomad traveler? Johny The Explorer? You need to choose your own domain name that is easy to remember.

You don’t need to use your complete name to be your domain. You can add a word that best describes you as a travel blogger like “Nomadic Mathew” or ‘Wander John”. Remember Dora The Explorer?

Travel With Hafiz is a long term brand name. You can definitely sense that Hafiz is my name and travel is connected with it.

2. Get hosted

Hosting is easy. You need to host your website to keep it running in the World Wide Web. So which hosting will you need?


I chose Bluehost for years now. I always recommend this company to my co-bloggers and to new as well. They have excellent customer service support and their plans are reasonable

By clicking get started now on its front page you can start to host your website:



Next is you need to choose a plan that suits you. If you are serious about blogging, I recommend choosing the Plus plan which the most popular on Bluehost.




Choose your domain name and click submit



Fill in your information and choose a package you want. I suggest a 36 month plus price to get savings of more than 50% if you click here



One you are done paying the amount, you will get an email about your hosting details. No what?

Now you have successfully registered a hosting service to your domain name, all you need to do is to install WordPress from your Bluehost account. Click Install Website next to your Website Manager icon. Don’t freak out with other icons. Don’t be a trigger happy by now.



You will be redirected to installation process where you need to log in your details of your WordPress account. Just follow the instructions ask and you are good.

You will see a URL like “http://www.yourblog.com/wp-admin :

3. Learn the WordPress

All you need to do now is to navigate your WordPress admin. Learn the basic and getting intimidated is just normal. Having a Bluehost as your hosting company means you will no longer have a www.yourblog.wordpress.com but instead www.yourblog.com

Now, you will have a full control of your website as follows:

  • You can sell advertising on your website
  • You can choose professional theme and custom plugins
  • You can install Google Analytics

It wasn’t hard to do, it may take some time to be used to it

4. Install important plugins

I am not good at tweaking, however, choosing the right plugins can be more exciting. I used the following plugins to my WordPress:

  • WordPress SEO– helps optimize your content to Google
  • Social share buttons– enables to share your content to social media
  • Akismet– protects your site from spammers


5. Build your social media 

Creating your social media presence is a must. Every day we tend to check our social media accounts and these are addictive. Make sure to promote your article through social media buttons or you can schedule a post.

Remember that you are building your online authority so create all or some social media accounts to connect with your fans.

6. Start writing an article

Now you can start writing an impressive content from your travel. I usually write at least 3 times a month or more. My goal is to write 3 new articles every month at start. You need to be consistent on your blog post as what I said above it is not easy however with the right approach you can definitely do it.

It will take a long time at least 1 year based on my experience and needs a lot of work. You need to update your blog, learn from the expert by watching videos on Youtube and other meetups of travel bloggers.



Nice one! Congratulations on being a travel blogger!



Note that affiliate links are used on this post. If you purchase any products recommended, I will receive a small commission at no extra cost to you.  By purchasing items on this affiliate links, you’ll help the ongoing expenses and fund my travel.




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Abdul Hafiz Ali
Founder and Editor in Chief
Hafiz is the Founder and Editor in Chief of Travel with Hafiz. He is an expat turned travel blogger, self-taught photographer and digital entrepreneur. He speaks Spanish, Arabic, and Filipino.

Hafiz is the Founder and Editor in Chief of Travel with Hafiz. He is an expat turned travel blogger, self-taught photographer and digital entrepreneur. He speaks Spanish, Arabic, and Filipino.

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