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When I was a kid, I was told by my mom to do what I wanted to do in my life except for my father. My father is a conservative and strict home figure that had set rules to follow, and opinions of mine don’t matter.

But that situation changed after years of dedication. I finished my study in college and had some rock bottoms.
After my university, the real world hit me and I realized enough was enough and began to ask myself what could I do to make my life valued.


I took some corporate jobs for 5 years to survive since I lived independently without asking a single dime from my parents. Don’t get me wrong, they were supportive, although we are not rich compared to some families in the Philippines.

I told my parents about this idea, and luckily they gave me words of wisdom that I can keep with me whenever I start my journey of moving abroad. My friends were the best non-supportive but why the heck am I going to value their feedback for?I knew I had plans on my own, and there was no turning back. I created my future, and yeah I was super determined to be a location independent and worked for myself.

After the death of my cousin and best friend Andrew, I decided I needed to focus my attention on something. While I love watching movies and enjoyed my company with friends, I wanted something more exciting.


On a Friday morning, I received a call from a recruitment agency about my online application.  They were interested in my application for Saudi Arabia. I went for an interview and got shortlisted. After three months of waiting, I received a call that I will be leaving the country in 3 days. I was ecstatic, and at the same time sad because I will be missing my parents and friends. I knew that was the beginning of everything.

I packed my things without any doubts. I didn’t leave my family and friends permanently. We will meet anyhow, it’s just that I need to get out of from comfort zone. My first year of my life as an expat wasn’t easy, a lot of struggles with my inner personality, social pressures, politics with my workplace, culture adjustment, and my beliefs has changed towards religion, and relationships.

King Saud Mosque, Jeddah City

I focused on what was important, again. I started a travel blog, began traveling nearby places, talked to people who are not my mother tongue, and mingled with other expats.Yes, it quickly became more than just for fun. I would spend hours and hours every day redesigning my website and how to create a community space on the internet. Slowly, I began gaining attraction, and attention. Funny to say, my 15-year-old sister was my first reader and an avid follower of my blog.

People were commenting, and sharing my post but that wasn’t the only thing that motivated me, it wasn’t the engagement alone boosted my spirit as a travel blogger. It was my travel story shared to people who were motivated by my journey. I remember when I first got off the plane, I thought: What the heck am I doing to my life in this world! I never imagined I could live the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. I didn’t know the language at the start and the customs.


Fast forward, every morning I wake up to pray and peek the wonderful country of Saudi Arabia.  It took two years for me to finally accepted that I am here, I am living my dream.

I think sometimes you need to work out and decide for your dreams. Everything  I’ve worked for the past few years has led me to this. 

Travel heal heart

After two days marks my two-year travelling solo.

And I am completely free.

August of 2014 was a nightmare. My friends know that I didn’t have any problems but that was a fake gesture.

I can’t stay like that.

I can’t fool myself anymore.

Who says that I can’t be a broken hearted? I gave all of my life to her, I was stupid.

I had a positive mental attitude. I had a lot of hopes with our relationship.

I felt every pain stuck in my heart and mind.

My heart told me that I love her, but her words were not the same.

We were immature saying words each time was over, and then we found ourselves running into circles. We hung up and turned off the mobile phones, and then switched on after a few minutes.

I was in a coma by my own heart. Then she just called me and say sorry. She cheated on me.

“Is this what you call love?” The first question I asked.

“I can’t live without you, how did you do this to me?” I also don’t know why I told her that.

Maybe because I love her so much that time.

Six years in a relationship is not a joke.

I walked down the street of Makati city and my tears fell.

C’mon, why this shit happened to me. I want to run away if I will have a chance to do.

So I did.


Two years later, I found myself a forgiving person not because I want to forget her but because I realized that life is precious and we bleed because we are alive. Right?

Thank God.

Although I ran from that problem while trying to escape from a depression. It opened my eyes to a better world and became a motivated guy.

I want to have a life again.



IT is Okay Not To Be Okay

While we can’t control the feeling, we can definitely control how we think on the situation.

It is okay not to be okay. Shit happens, so be it.

Cry if you want to cry. Remember, crying doesn’t mean you are weak.

Damn. It is easy to say. But you are not really fine.

What do you want to do?

Grab him or her and you both will fly to the moon?

All is well. Put God in the center of everything.



Breath. A word that is easy to say but the hardest thing to do. Try to gain your normal breathing despite what happened. Go nearby places for now and gain your energy.

I don’t cry so hard, tears fell and can barely breathing.





I blocked her on Facebook and stopped sending messages. We may have a different situation.

Some can save their relationship but some cannot. It may depend on the reason but for me I call it QUITS.

It is over.

Creating a space means you will be in the process of healing. How will expect to heal the pain if you are following her or him on Instagram?

Secretly reading his or her post on Facebook? Damn.

You don’t want to see him or her on social media spending her or his new love with hilarious hashtags:




..or #Happy…and you are not!

I travel a thousand miles from my country and I started to appreciate our world. I got a chance to connect what was broken by valuing myself instead of getting a stressful life.


Once you have space, your pain will heal at the right time.




Once you created a space, there will be a necessity of diversion. I was in a country where no one knows me  and what I had been through. I worked and enjoyed my time on writing the travel experiences that I had.

The world has become my home. I traveled different places and met extraordinary people.

My mind was diverted to the experiences that I want to do.

I was contented.



Travelling miles away from your place and eventually you are strong enough to meet the past and say ” Thank You” for giving you the lesson to live your life.


Trust me, you will not stop travelling. I did not realize that I am finally healed.

I did not forget her but I forgive her.

I finally found someone while travelling the world.

Time will heal everything through travel.

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