¿Quién no ha soñado alguna vez con dejarlo todo e irse a recorrer el mundo? Es una fantasía recurrente para muchos de nosotros: poder visitar otros países, conocer a su gente, probar comida nueva… ¡quién no querría hacerlo!

Pero, ¿por qué dejarlo todo? Vivimos en una época en la que no puede ser más fácil viajar a casi cualquier parte del mundo sin tener que gastarse los ahorros de una vida. Solo con entrar en internet podemos organizar un viaje al otro lado del mundo con un presupuesto razonable al alcance de nuestro bolsillo.


El secreto para viajar más por menos

Los vuelos baratos son la clave para poder volar con más frecuencia y más lejos. El truco está en la planificación. En vez de gastarte el presupuesto de viajes en un solo vuelo, puedes permitirte dos (¡o incluso tres!) billetes de avión si lo miras con suficiente antelación.

Es tan sencillo como acceder a un buscador de viajes, como por ejemplo Expedia, y encontrar vuelos baratos al destino deseado. Además, desde este tipo de webs también podrás encontrar precios bajos en hoteles, alquiler de coches o entradas para actividades.

Las webs de vuelos baratos y hoteles baratos tipo Expedia suelen ofrecer ofertas a determinados destinos o para ciertos paquetes de hotel más vuelo, por lo que hacer una lista de lugares a los que quieres viajar puede ser una gran idea.

Si eres un poco desastre organizándote tampoco tienes por qué preocuparte, porque las webs de vuelos baratos suelen tener suscripciones a alertas que te avisan de las ofertas.



Encontrar el momento

Tener tiempo es clave a la hora de viajar, está claro. Si tienes flexibilidad con las vacaciones en tu trabajo, busca fechas en las que los vuelos sean más baratos o los hoteles más asequibles. Si no es así, no pasa nada. Mira los días en los que estarás libre y seguro que encontrarás opciones de viajes baratos a algún destino interesante.

Si prefieres organizar un viaje a corto plazo o si no tienes mucha disponibilidad de fechas durante el año, no te preocupes, sigue habiendo muchas opciones para que puedas disfrutar de un viaje. Cada vez están más de moda las escapadas de fin de semana. Ya sea una visita nacional o a un país extranjero, es muy apetecible salir de la oficina directo al aeropuerto y aprovechar el fin de semana al máximo.

Como ves, el sueño de viajar por el mundo no es incompatible con tener un trabajo, está en tu mano hacerlo realidad. Además, ¿dónde vas a presumir de aventuras si no es en la oficina?


I started to receive emails from people across the world, from a new graduate of a university, a jobless young spirited girl, from the buzzing cities of Manila, Delhi, New York, asking how to make a dream come true.

How did I start my travel blog? How did I earn money? How do I support my travel and the things I wanted? How do I start my travel blog business? How do I maintain my blog so engaging to people? How do I earn money from my skills? How did I learn to film and got noticed from reputable media outlets?

To be honest with you, I don’t have concrete answers to these questions. But let me share with you,  my ultimate stuff that pretty works for me and might help you but it may not for some. When I became a travel blogger, I don’t have any idea what I was doing. Since writing is my passion and my mom would always tell me that I am a good storyteller since I was 8 years old. My real definition of success is contentment, and I am happy with what I was doing. I can’t say that I really made it but the feeling of contentment is there. I just need to continue exploring this world, meet new people and share my experience with people who have the same dreams.

When I finished my degree, I thought I know it all and ready for a corporate job. Filling in the unemployment rate was one of my greatest fear. I wanted to excel in my job, work hard and earn cash. And I did. But one thing was missing that made me unhappy as I looked at the mirror in my 12th-floor apartment in Manila, Philippines. I sat on my bed browsing my Facebook’s RSS, liked some stunning photos of my friends who had an ultimate vacation in one of the best places in the Philippines.


Grrr. I want to go somewhere. But why it hasn’t it happened yet? Why was I here? We think of something that we are all good and ready for anything in anywhere, right? I admit it took me years to realize this- NO. All of us has room for improvement and our life is made up of lessons as we take our journey to places we haven’t been before. It was easy for me to say this.. think that I will do something but there is a “but” word that barred me from doing it. I had taken some financial, relationships, and emotional risks to make my goal happened. While living abroad as an expat, there has been a lot of changes and adjustments. The way I think of life and the purpose why we are here. The barriers that usually makes our life so difficult. The society that shapes our beliefs, and dreams. Life is not always an equation like what our teachers had taught us. As we go by to the journey of our dreams, we are building a sense of learning.

You are unique and can’t be the same. If someone will tell you that you are not worth it, ask yourself repeatedly and take a chance to whisper the moment while all the negative vibes are throwing against you. “ I have something of worth”.



Don’t daydream, live a dream. My life as a travel blogger is not that easy. I don’t need to be famous because of things and be forgotten right away. I am a minimalist, but I am not telling you to be me. All questions that were stuck in your head, the “what ifs” and “how” are one of them, they are not just the WH questions, they are simple words that need answers. I started to set aside the things that I need and not. If you want to improve your hobby, all you need to do is learn how to progress them every day or once in a week. One of the challenges that I had before was my time management. Since I work full time, I don’t want to leave my blog dead. I made a calendar post, wrote my bi-monthly post ideas in a journal, engaged in social media every day at least 2 hours per day including replying to emails. You need to be flexible in everything because not all can be a plan.

If things don’t work, don’t be afraid of going back again and make things right. Mistakes are just detours of our life, you still have the chance to do it right. We are all living with purpose, and reasons why not all things are meant for us. Living a dream is different from a daydream. You need to do something for a dream that you wanted to live. I have a lot of rejections and regrets in my life before, I felt alone and tired of my life until a simple 200 words started to type in that became an instrument to start my journey as a travel blogger.

Don’t be upset to people that laughed at you, because you are different to them. You are unique and can’t be the same.


Do you have a dream to share? I would like to hear it from you below!


When I left The Philippines two years ago, I had so many realizations that made me think until now. Without a doubt, and tried to do what I love ever since had a great impact on myself and answered my questions of what I really want to be. What is really my passion? Ughh, that is too awful to know.

I started a travel blog, I am a blogger. I own a phone and I take photos so I am a photographer. In the past years, when you say, photographer, it only focuses on the people who went to school. I love the fact that nowadays, you can be a photographer if you have a phone- you don’t need to go to school and religiously study it.

yourself matters social media
The Red Sea in Saud Arabia

Don’t pretend to be someone. Don’t try to be something you are not.

This freak me out when I see someone posting online with beautiful places especially Instagram that they did this and that. Well, maybe this is their marketing strategy and I absolutely respect them. But, where is the story behind that? It doesn’t count how many mountain you hike or likes you get. It is YOU that matters.

I felt guilty of doing these things before so who am I to judge them that they are being fake, right?

Social medias are powerful tools to stay connected to strangers. When I began to be active on Facebook, I even received chats from Afghanistan and Iraq from fans using the Arabic language. Knowing that you inspire them without hiding yourself from who you are- that was priceless.


Red Sea

I am a writer. I own a blog so I write. Writing my own experience from a two-month vacation in Spain is totally fine. Who the hell are they to judge what I write? Don’t get me wrong, my blog seems to be unique while I am writing this.

I am a collector of memories NOT things.

We are living in great content creators, And that’s perfectly awesome!

Being YOU is important. Are you fine with pretending someone and living in a fake  for your entire life? Life is too short to pretend someone. If you want to change the world then you must change yourself.

I don’t need to mention that everyone is copying each other trying to do the same. But, it was painful to see them. Well, life is full of fake and authenticity. It is YOU who can decide which one you will follow. the truth of the matter is, accepting the reality hurts us and fake tend to give us relaxation. I hate to say this but it is true. Oops.


As an expat blogger, I feel the same way that people experience here in Saudi Arabia. Being away from your loved ones sometimes get me sick. Not to the extent that I am homesick but you have the feeling to escape from a country which has a 50 degree Celsius of temperature. And that is the reality that I need to accept.

I rather ask for  more experiences whether good or bad or perhaps fewer troubles rather than copying someone and be a copy cat for my whole life. I rather use Couchsurfing and do a good deed because I can’t afford to buy a hotel than staying in a luxury one and tomorrow will be your end.




Life doesn’t always have dark and the sunshine. After the rainbow, there is a rain. So be yourself and challenge this world to be real.

Follow Dream


Everyone always says” Follow your dreams!” and I am getting speechless. What is really a dream all about. I was tempting with the images of white beaches by palm trees with perfect fruit juice positioned in a table. I remember a song by John Elton “Yellow Brick Road” but shall I say goodbye?

And if the fruit juice will never work out to the reality and the song will stop on the brick road of dreams. What will you do next? You will be doomed.

When I was in college days, my late cousin Andrew and I watched this documentary entitled ‘The Secret”. Played and carefully tried to understand the testimonies of some experts. We create our future of this universe. Alright. Let me tell you, what we think now will have an impact tomorrow. Dreams are successions of images, ideas, and emotions. Stop chasing the dream, you stop.

What makes you happy is your dream but don’t follow the dreams because of others. If you want to have a freedom to choose your life to follow what is right.

Having your own dreams and following it will have an impact on others. You can be an inspiration to people. Deciding where to go and follow your dreams will give hope to others who want to do the same. Believe me, while reading this post, I am inspiring you.

Knowing your own dream will give you a unique positive feeling and motivation. Whenever you have a problem, it would be easier for your to resolve because you have a positive mind.

People says that dreams weren’t possible. The word NOT is a negative word, isn’t it? Why not remove the NOT. Now, it is possible. You need to prove these people that they are wrong. It is possible.

As a travel blogger, I experienced ups and downs. I am human too. I get exhausted. I get confused and fragile. However, every time I remember my dream I am smiling.

We only live once and can’t be doubled. Time is ticking from seconds to minute. We need to do something that we love and not to have regrets. Make a decision and go for it.