Ali Ahmed is not only your typical young Pakistani traveler who will always believe that his country has a lot to offer than what we have heard on media locally, and abroad. In today’s generation, we do have a lot of ways to create contents even a single post of a photo on Instagram can bring a huge impact to the people.

Technology in Pakistan has been booming, and so Ahmed has grabbed that opportunity to learn, and apply all the possible efforts in promoting his own country.

Pakistani Traveler
Ali Ahmed

Terrorism. Poverty. Political unstable. Name a few.  These are the things he doesn’t need to focus on. While I don’t wade into politics on this blog, we can’t ignore the fact that what was happening in our world even I am a traveler is inevitable.  Pakistani millennials can be described as “Confident” “Passionate”, and “Ambitious”.

This Pakistani traveler has lived in Rawalpindi, a city in Punjab Pakistan. He started to travel by bikes in the nearby places of his province which his friends and family were stunned by videos posted online. Ahmed was happy reading a lot of positive feedback about his travel taken in the Northern Areas of Pakistan.  But what makes him inspired to travel?

Pakistani Traveler
Pakistan- China border

But what makes him inspired to travel?

” I love to explore new places and I think traveling is in my blood. I remember traveling using my pedal bike a few years ago until I got a motorcycle. This motorcycle is my best friend, he is there wherever I go, and that makes me happy”.  “Travel doesn’t need a big budget or you need to have a luxury life to be in this lifestyle. I want the world to know that my country is nice, and we are nice”.

“Travel doesn’t need a big budget or you need to have a luxury life to be in this lifestyle. I want the world to know that my country is nice, and we are nice”.

Pakistani Traveler

But for Ahmed, all the crazy stories, and memories were the greatest education as a millennial.

“I remember when my bike broke down in the middle of the road, and I had to spend the entire night waiting for someone to help me. I slept on the road, while l absolutely laughed every time it reminds me of this crazy experience. But no regrets!”

For Ali Ahmed, it was totally worth it because he learned a lot of lessons which could help him in the future.

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Pakistan is the definition of a diverse nation that every traveler should define not only because of its natural resources but also its friendly inhabitants and rich in culinary traditions. Sad to say, its sectarian violence before has made the country a no-go for travelers including me. But the country has now a lot of improvements and it became my bucket list. However, just in case you’re still on the fence about planning a wonderful trip or satisfy your wanderlust, this 10 photos will make you start packing your bags. Regardless of if you’re a photographer, a travel blogger, tourist, or a plain backpacker, there are a plenty of options.


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