I am into cheap places to  travel and saving money as much as I can is definitely my goal.

I have no objection with spending as long as it helps you, however spending too much and living in expensive places that don’t fit your budget can give you disaster.

I have trimmed down the list of places to travel that won’t break your budget for the first time so you can have in mind for your future plans:


14 Belgrade, Serbia


Following the war of the 1990’s Belgrade is struggling to attract tourist. But if you end up of visiting, your wallet will be your best friend. backpackers are started to consider Belgrade as one of the cheapest places to visit.


13 Manila, Philippines

Cheap places

I could not agree more. I miss the busy streets and the diverse culture of the capital. From the oldest settlers to Spanish era, this city will take you to different corners of history.



12 Krakow, Poland


Located in southern Poland, the second largest and oldest city in the country. Budget travelers in Europe choose Krakow as one of the best and cheapest destinations to count



11. Yangoon, Myanmar


I am constantly asked about my budget in Myanmar. It does depend on you as a type of traveler but Yangoon is definitely cheap based on my experience.



10. Agra, India


Oh no, it is definitely cheap. When I was in India for work, this city represents accessibility. You can definitely book a cheap and decent hotel there. And the food! love it!


9. Jakarta, Indonesia


Oh well, a huge capital on the northwest coast of the island Java. Imagine the cost of living in Jakarta is 54.72 % lower than in New York!


8 . Colombo, Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka

Yes, Ceylon! Colombo is a city of mesmerizing . And the cost of living is cheap. Although one of the underrated cities in the world and tourism is still struggling, Colombo is a choice of simple living


7. Sofia, Bulgaria


Yes, Sofia. Sofia is often overlooked by tourist but not for travelers. It is a youthful city, largely modern and while its old east meets atmosphere according to Lonely Planet is still much evident- a scattering onion- domed churches, ottoman mosque, and monuments shares the skyline.



6. Cairo, Egypt


Cairo is one of those cities where people with money can splurge but people on budget can get more than they need



5. Bucharest, Romania


One of Europe’s cheapest cities. Forget Amsterdam, Bucharest is Europe’s top destination. For foodies, Bucharest is equally appetizing that suits your budget



4. Bangkok, Thailand


One of the reasons why people move to Thailand is because it’s cheap and damn awesome! And housing is affordable.



3 Phnom Penh, Cambodia


Phnom Penh is a city where food, hotels, and places to are pretty cheap.



2 Quito, Ecuador


Travelling to The Andes especially Quito city is a priceless experience. It’s simple but magnificent picturesque captures the heart of every budget travelers.

1. Hanoi, Vietnam


Hanoi is the gateway to northern Vietnam. Foods and travel are always fun, the accessibility of living here is not a problem. Although you will get to see a lot of temples and old architectures, Hanoi is getting popular for western travelers.


When traveling to these places, always remember that no countries on earth that are perfect. However, the experience that you will get will stay forever.



Aerial view city of Valencia, Spain. The Tower Near the Cathedral
Aerial view city of Valencia, Spain. The Tower Near the Cathedral

When I was studying in Spain, I learned to value what life could offer aside from Sundays are for celebration and not for Netflix. Yeah that was right. Valencia is not blessed with vast tourist fame as much as Barcelona or Seville but for me, Valencia is like no other city I have lived before absolutely harmoniously combines the vibes of extraordinary futuristic neighborhood with unique charm of Gothic and renaissance spirit. In this ultimate experience, I will answer the most basic question ” What to do in Valencia?” based on my experience, feelings, and impressions, since the task is obviously complicated due to the fabulous range of historic, archaeological heritage of Valencia.

Must Visit Places in Valencia 


In the historic Carmen neighborhood Barrio del Carmen which is one of Valencia attractions, everything reminds about different cultures represented by different nationalities and races. Being a Spanish speaker, even so I feel the vibes of multicultural, cosmopolitan city where native people speak apart from the Spanish on their own Valencian language. Two languages are considered the official ones and because of this, all signboards are written in both languages. Quite interesting isn’t it?

Wandering through the streets of old town everyone definitely has to stop off for some drink and better to do it out on the terrace of one of the hundreds Barrio del Carmen charismatic and lovely cafe and bars.

Another must- visit location of Valencia is the oldest market in Europe – The famous Mercado Central. It is astonishingly stunning spot where it is possible to find any seasonal produce from all around the Valencia countryside. The best way to enjoy the inexpressible flavor of Valencia is to taste the local cheeses and the wonderful jamon, delicious paella, fresh seafood and vegetable not elsewhere but definitely on the market.

Traditional Valencian Dish. The Paella is the most worldwide well-known Valencian dish, but the gastronomy in this Spanish Region has a large variety of rice dishes. The traditional recipe in origin is very simple: chicken and rabbit meat, rice, green beans, Lima Beans, salt, saffron and olive oil...
Traditional Valencian Dish. The Paella is the most worldwide well-known Valencian dish, but the gastronomy in this Spanish Region has a large variety of rice dishes. The traditional recipe in origin is very simple: chicken and rabbit meat, rice, green beans, Lima Beans, salt, saffron and olive oil…
















Valencia Attractions

The symbol of Valencia is Cathedral, the masterpiece of Romanesque, Gothic and Baroque styles. I remember climbing the Miguelete bell tower for breath taking view over the old town. There is an entrance fee of 5 Euro and clamber up more than 250 steps but believe me all efforts are worth it! The Cathedral cherishes carefully the precious relic – ancient bowl considered the holy grail.

As to me, Silk exchange or Lonja de la Seda in Spanish, the building of the 5th century should be included in any list of places to visit in Valencia especially because of enormous contract hall or Sala de Contratation, the striking space of which is lavishly decorated with amazing forest of twisted columns.

City of Arts and Sciences is another highlight of the city that includes a science museum, IMAX cinema, planetarium, opera house and marine park. I cn definitely recommend the futuristic , with space-like architecture entertainment and cultural complex as the right hot spot to spend a nice time.

Things To Do in Valencia

Among other things to do in Valencia? Please try to eat paella- the traditional dish of Valencia. In search of this gastronomic delight into Ernest Hemingway’s favorite restaurant La Pepica by Malvarosa beach that has open the doors more than a century ago.

Valencia is a city where I consider as my home.