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Story Archives - Travel with Hafiz



Work. Save. Invest. Travel. Travel. Travel.

If you are a Generation Y as they called us, then you would understand what I am going to talk about. Millennials like myself are often judged as non-practical or a happy go lucky guy who doesn’t have priorities in life. But, wait, what did you say?


They know my name. But they don’t know my story.


I grew up with Filipino parents and had lived in a war-torn city in the southern Philippines. In the early 1990’s, life can be more literal hunger games when the Asian crisis hit the Philippines. Although my father was an active soldier that time, life was simple but terrible to deal with. We traveled to a different place to another, towns to cities, from happy to drama staged type neighbors, and a bunch of families issues. That was tiring. I eventually get tired.

I saw a lot of turmoils and unprecedented events that you will never imagine. My Uncles and Aunts were hard workers, they had sent my cousins to good schools, bought new school uniforms twice a year, shoes and other extravagant things that became possessions. Years later, security was not secured- but lessons learned.

I remember, the day when all of my cousins were sharing horror stories at my grandma’s house.

My granny asked me.

Mio Apo, cosa bo quiere keda grande?” (My grandson, what do you want to be when you grow up?)

“To travel around the world!” I answered.

I felt embarrassed to be different. Embarrassment because they laughed and teased me for that crazy answer they thought it was.

20 years later, that moment still in my mind no matter how I want to forget. We grew up differently and our family became huge, relationships changed and hardly communicate each other.

A reality that we can’t change. Because change is the only constant in this world.

My father decided to take us to his hometown so we can be reunited with our family after years of no contact. It was a new environment again, new language and culture. New adjustments and life. A life that taught me a lot of realizations and words to celebrate my existence as a Millennial. But then again, I struggled identity crisis. Pretended to be fine and happy. That was the time when I decided to break stereotypes and rules what other people wanted me to do. My parents were not perfect to support me, however, I was lucky to have them in my life. I just want them to be happy for me- that’s all.

3 years ago, my mother freaked out when she knew that I flew away from home to discover this amazing world and do what makes me happy.

“Mom, I don’t need a luxury house and pay bills the entire life. I still do remember your words for me, and it is happening now”.

Travel became my passion and a cure to possible regrets 30 years from now.


Who are the Millennials?


Now, let us get deeper about being a Millennial. If you were born between 1977 to 2000, the makeup of 21% purchases, willing to purchase a product that supports a cause like me, loves to brand a love, active on social media like Facebook, and great content creators, we are the Millennials.
When I was in Europe, I have seen a lot of Millennials traveling within the continent and even farther during Springbreak or just a short vacation. We shared different stories but one in common “Travel”.

Yeah, while you see the “YOLO” post of my fellow Millennials, or even just glancing at Instagram, older generations or people who don’t understand us will shake your damn head.


As a travel influencer, when I started travelwithhafiz.com, social media has become more intense. Facebook is still my

favorite community when it comes to reaching my fans about my travel story with authentic experiences.

Travel experience plus social media is like twins but it can be stressful at times. Travel is my priority and social media is the bridge to bring out authentic experiences.

We, Millennials are becoming more open-minded about new experiences and hoping that we can go beyond just “likes”.