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Travel Tips Archives - Travel with Hafiz

Travel Tips


Solo vacation is scary, isn’t it? Well, it can be daunting and with a lot of “what ifs” when you are planning your first solo vacation once a year, or even just spending holidays when there is no work. Can you handle spending your solo night out or traveling with some strangers? Or eating solo while seeing others in a group and you are not?

Can you handle spending your solo night out or traveling with some strangers? Or eating solo while seeing others in a group and you are not?

Here, I am going to share my tips for your solo vacation and make it more efficient by traveling alone based on my own experience to make your travel more successful.


1. Do your research

You need to be mindful of the culture and laws of the country that you will be traveling. Thank Google, blogs, and reviews from different sites you can see nowadays. However, don’t just rely on this, you can talk to you friends, join a Facebook group for travelers, utilize your friends on Twitter and Instagram. If you want more visualize, Youtube videos can help you find more specific answers.


2. Connect your people

The power of social media is the ability to reconnect the relationships you have with people you want to meet, establish a trust to friends you have been chatting for a long time, connections around the community with different ideas that were shared, and sharing time each other in a place where you are about to explore. Pretty much every big town or cities have a unique to offer where expats and travelers meet.



3. Learn a language

This is one of the important things you need to do before packing your things for your vacation. While the above number 1 list is to research, do learn a little language if English is not the first language of the country that you will be traveling. Why? Because it will be hard for you to express your thoughts when you are asking for a direction, talking to a taxi driver, or ordering a food where shower conversation is not applicable. Believe me, locals will be happy to know when you are trying to speak their own language instead of giving them an attitude.


4. Be aware of scams

Spending your vacation alone or your solo travel can be both rewarding and you can’t just hide it to your friends and family, right? Safety is your own responsibility and we can’t force people to do it for us even the government. Be aware of common scams and unique issues of the places, more than just keeping your eyes to your valuables.


5. Get a travel insurance

Travel insurance is often being ignored by travelers before their trip and buys travel insurance while they are actually traveling. Insurance will be your saver whatever happen to you while spending your vacation to a country where nobody knows you. Remember, not all travel insurance is the same, choose the best travel insurance like World Nomads.

solo vacation

6. Eating out


I still love the old fashion way of saying ” hey, are you available tonight for dinner?” or perhaps going to a 24-hour convenient store and would take out a piece of Pizza. Practice the language with the waiter or waitress, be busy to ask questions about their special menu, introduce yourself to them with smiling face. My recent trip to Morocco is a manifestation that restaurants can be more happy at noon than the night time. If you love company, go to a crowded place where you will be sharing your table.


7. Keep your important items in the same place and documents secure

Other than avoiding passport robbers which can be a huge headache, securing your documents like travel insurance policy, receipts, and other important items are the most important tips you should consider. Checking your wallet, passport, camera, and phone are items you must check when you feel the need.





Going somewhere in a new place can be daunting while travelling. Passport is a travel document and without them, you can’t

travel everywhere especially when going different countries for international travels. While Barcelona is the pickpocket capital of the world based on the opinion of travelers, keeping your precious passport safe is the best way to avoid travel issues.

Ah! the pages of your passport can take you. That is if you keep your passport safe and secure.

When I arrived in a country where I need to use my logic and instinct to keep me safe from robbers, I am securing all of my things in my backpack.


Take a photo of your passport.

This is the basic thing you need to do. Take a picture of your passport if in case your passport will be lost, scan it and email yourself of yourself a scan of your passport or save it on dropbox. I also store them on my laptop, send a copy to my home, and take a hard copy of it.

Make a laminated, copy of the main page of your passport. Well, it is a must that we hand over our passport to border guards, immigration staff, hotel receptionist, and transport booking it will still require nothing more than the main details of your passport like Name and passport number. Cool!

A laminated credit card sized version of a photocopy of the passport can easily be fitted on your wallet and won’t damage rapidly as a regular hard copy.



Leave the passport in the room.

I understand that sightseeing is something that we should not forget when you travel out of the country. You don’t need a passport with you when you do hiking, right? You could use the hidden money belt but it looks intimidating , you don’t need to go downtown while the passport is with you hidden under your wallet. You can put the passport under the bed onto safety. Grab some cash and put it on the security box or safety place in the room.




Take the passport before leaving.

When rushing on for leaving the place, we tend to forget our passport. Take the passport with you before your check out time in the hotel or leaving from your room place. Relax and take a breath before leaving, check if everything is pack up and good to go.

tensions and personal issues are reasons you will forget your passport. You will only notice when you are at the airport. Sh*t, this is insane. I hope that could not happen to me anymore, never again. When you are travelling alone or with your special someone, we can’t avoid issues that can ruin our last minute of travel or the entire experience. Make sure to set aside the issues and focus on the purpose why you need a travel of your life.

Damn, grab your passport and leave. I am sharing this important words because I myself had this horrible experience in my life.


Take this. 

What is the worst place to keep your precious passport? Mind you, putting in the back pocket of your jeans or an open pocket of your backpack.

How often I see this on the road and became a concerned citizen. “Hey! your pocket is open!”


There you go. A Passport Scam and corrupt police.

I lived in the Philippines where this incident is just a normal story. Remember that not everyone you meet n the road is nice as James Bond. Corrupt or fake police will tear you apart from this world in a reality that you and your passport will have to say goodbye.

A fake police officer is a common problem for travelers . They dressed in a police uniform, Asking your passport and boom! open sesame..extortion comes in. Give the money they will ask from you and get your passport.

The truth of the matter is that when a real police officer with a clear intention will have to bring you in the nearest possible police station and they will investigate you. If in case, you left your passport in the hotel room, they will accompany you.


Alright. Do you have any passport tips to avoid passport robbers? Share your thoughts!


I recently received a mail from one of my subscribers about how am I able to afford to travel. I know that a lot of people will ask me the same question in the future.


But I want to know what holds them back from travelling. I knew it. Money. When I was a little boy from the Philippines being a tourist in my own country was a disappointment. I wander. I asked myself frequently that what if I should travel first my country with more than 7,000 islands? It was not just a dream. My eyes had widely opened about places and cultures. I Grew up from a military father where we used to transfer cities to cities depends on his area  assignment helps me to understand the culture and language of the people.

That was a beginning of my travel as a wise traveler with little money.



I wrote about Travel without borders and I explained that travel should not be limited. But how can you afford travelling? You don’t need to be a millionaire.

Work Abroad

You are not earning good at your current job? Why not try to apply for  work abroad instead. As long as you are not choosy enough to accept a job and you will earn money after all the hardships. You can earn money while you are on a different country! – and this is one way to travel cheaper than you think.

You can apply to these some in demand jobs to fund your travel and  pay your bills:

  • Hotel worker
  • Cruise ships worker
  • Land based jobs in logistics, banks, etc.
  • Teach English Abroad
  • Au pair

Working abroad is one of the options that you should consider if you want to earn money instantly. While getting a lot of perks as an expat.


Free Flights

12287488_889127967851140_1955120785_o - Copy


Most people think that travel is expensive to do. Can’t afford to fly. Well, there’s a lot of ways on how to get flights for free. You may get a travel credit card where you can earn points- fly and collect points! There you go, you can fly for free. As far as I know, most banks nowadays offers points whatever country you are in.

Stay with friends for free

My first option when travelling alone. You can stay with friends and relatives may be to save money while travelling. When I started travelling with enough money, I stayed with my friend and it doesn’t stops there. You can always try Couchsurfing- a social media site that would allow you to stay with a local with an exchange of languages or services like cleaning his house etc. This website will not only save you a lot of money but you can experience how to live like a local and that will adds up with a fruitful experience. It will be a WIN -WIN option!

Travel Bank Account

Opening a travel account aside from your personal savings will help you reach your goal in travelling. I recommend to open at least three bank accounts: Personal savings, personal checking and travel checking accounts.

  • Personal Savings  This account is for savings  whether it is under sharia or for earning interest for westerner and other non Muslim banks
  • Personal Checking  This account is used for personal reasons like paying your bills that is not related to travels
  • Travel Account This account is used for travel expenses including withdrawing money in the ATMs that is link with your account thru debit cards while away from your home country. I never put a lot of money on this account because you may not know what will going to happen while on travel like kidnapping or your ATM card details will be stolen that might halt your travel


I always have this mindset when travelling- I will never combine FLIGHTS and HOTELS!

Travel Without Boundaries

How globalization and technology advancements have helped connect the world


When we think of travel, we think often to the constrictions of our own country. According to a recent CNN report, only 30% of Americans have a passport. Eastern countries have a lot more travel among citizens primarily due to the railway system connecting various countries. Regardless of which country you reside in, travel does not have to be limited. Globalization and technology advancements have made it possible to travel without boundaries.

How has globalization helped travel?

Globalization relies upon the differences in political, economic, and cultural differences merging so that a more unified consciousness with mankind can be achieved. Though social and mobile media, the world has seen the cultural lines disappear as more and more people embrace the theologies, practices, and languages of other countries. And though the term globalization has only been really been coined in the past two decades, the theory has been around since Plato. Where it relates to travel is this: as the world becomes more intertwined with other cultures it become less and less diversified and “new”. To explain: in times pass a person would travel to a foreign country and would be a tourist of that country unknowing of the language, the culture, or the places in which to visit. This left the tourist with a sense of vulnerability.

However, in today’s globalized society travel blogs, information sites showing the best places to visit such as booking.com and tripadvisor.com and travel guide magazine Perjero.com have made the tourism less of a tourist and more a traveler (they have become apter to enjoy the tip rather learning and seeking as you go)


How has technology helped to make traveling without boundaries possible? 

Yes. That is why I run this travel blog to inspire people that travel has no borders. With the integration of apps into our everyday lives, the technology and the information available to the traveler has made my travel more ideal. Granted, a person usually has a bit lower of a knowledge base than that of a native, but with the use of apps, blogs. GPS, translators(Google Translate an example) and smart UX interfaces, the traveler is more equipped to” fit in” than to appear as a tourist on holiday. Yet, it is not just apps which have helped the industry. Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube( let us not forget Pinterest) have allowed persons of various cultures to connect PRIOR o visit a country. This in truth allows for the person who is planning to visit a country to get a crash course in culture, prime places to visit and the do’s and do not’s of that culture.

So why there has not been more foreign travel? 

In my observation, two myths have played a tremendous role in the stifling of foreign travel. The first is that the foreign travel is not safe. This is large to blame on the media and other social outlets. Yet, when looking at traveling and security, the technology of securing personal information is heightened, airport and cruise have been optimized to run more effectively, and hotel and resorts have implemented new strategies to their clientele such as fingerprint scanning.

The second myth is that traveling abroad is expensive. I would venture to say that this is more deterrent than that of the first point. However, if you look at the rates of travel on travel blog sites and those offered by local airlines, you will see that the cost to fly is about as expensive as the cost to fill up your car, stay in a few hotels to get your destination( when food, gas, and lodging are factored in) and then to book an actual hotel. In some cases, the cost even less.

Do you have any thoughts about this article? Feel free to comment below.