When planning your next travel destination, one question that lingers your mind is: “Where will I book my itinerary? I remember 7 years ago, I didn’t have any idea what I was doing when I took my first trip to Singapore. No credit card or debit card to use for online booking, the last option was to visit a traditional travel agency and I ended up paying a service fee which I am not against, but the ability to choose flexible fares is limited.

After 7 years ago, here I am. Planning my trip to North Africa and Europe from the Middle East. I spent countless hours researching flight itineraries and hotel bookings to Morocco and Spain for my annual vacation. Although I’ve planned a couple of trips for myself and even my families and friends, I came up a simple list to make sure that I don’t miss important information about my travel (Although, I was too lazy to make the list before).

While browsing all travel comparison sites out there, I was hesitant to deal with another company again because of my bad experience with them. To make it short, it was a horrible experience to deal with that travel comparison site. Never again.

Until I found tajawal, an online booking company that caught my attention. The interface was good, easy to navigate and it looked like a friendly site. A first impression that lasted!


As a customer service professional, a real customer service experience is what matters most.


Let you discover the most beautiful places in the world

tajawal has a lot of beautiful places for us to discover. Travel should not be limited and that is the reason why I launched this blog, right? The ability to choose what place we want to go, eat and live like a local.



Where travel offers are real

Whether you are looking for a hotel and flights, tajawal has the coolest offers on the planet. I booked an affordable flight ticket for my Morocco trip, I can’t still believe that I was able to secure the lowest fare ever. No hidden fees whatsoever!

searchEasy steps for booking

If you are working in the middle east or you don’t have time to book a ticket on a traditional travel agency or browse every website of airline companies, get ready with your debit card or credit card as longs as it has a Visa or MC logo. Come on, most people nowadays has a card. While choosing your travel destination is crucial, your confirm ticket and invoice will be sent to your registered email address during the registration of your details. Make sure to provide the correct email, though, if not, don’t worry their friendly customer care team is ready for your inquiries 24/7 or use the knowledge-based topics you are looking for!





Flight details


Travellers information

tajawal book


24/7 customer service team

This is a plus! Are you worried about having a limited support when you have questions about your flight booking and inquiry of your travel destination? Questions that needs answers right away before and after you book a flight or hotel? tajawal has a team of great support. You can even create a support ticket, search related articles of your concerns, email contact, and a toll-free number! That is awesome, right? You can never be left behind or empty handed when you need a real customer service support. 


The tajawal APP

If you don’t have a laptop or you carry a smartphone every time and needs you to book a flight or hotel, I suggest downloading their APP on Google Play and App Stores. It covers your flight or hotel needs, secure payment gateway, booking process and sleek user designs. This is a plus again!



To sum up, tajawal made my travel plan so easy, and stress-free. From a fast loading website, search flights and hotel filters, secured payment channels and an excellent customer service support are just enough to say that tajawal is the ultimate choice for all travelers all over the world.

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Abdul Hafiz Ali
Founder and Editor in Chief
Hafiz is the Founder and Editor in Chief of Travel with Hafiz. He is an expat turned travel blogger, self-taught photographer and digital entrepreneur. He speaks Spanish, Arabic, and Filipino.

Hafiz is the Founder and Editor in Chief of Travel with Hafiz. He is an expat turned travel blogger, self-taught photographer and digital entrepreneur. He speaks Spanish, Arabic, and Filipino.

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