Whether you will agree or not, if you are holding a third world passport means low chances of getting visa approval. The third world is a term for developing countries of Asia, Africa, and Latin America. I have to say this, I am still lucky to have a Philippine passport. I got a Philippine passport which is I think the most secure passport in the world today. Goodbye to fake identity and fraud!

But if you  belong to one of the worst passports in the world, one thing you should do is to focus on how your passport can go far. We often think of travelling to USA or Europe, but we set aside the countries we can visit without a visa.  I am sure, you will be surprised and want to pack your things and travel to these countries. Believe me, if your passport is not fake, if you are not using a fake identity if you have valid visas for the places you want to travel to there is nothing to worry.



If you are from South East Asia well that could be huge savings for you where you can travel Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Cambodia, Hongkong, Vietnam, Thailand to name a few. Getting a stamp on your passport means you are creating a travel history.

But what if you are from  Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka it would also be easier for you to get except Pakistan and India. Pakistan and India has a conflicted relationship after the partition in 1947. You may check your foreign affairs about visa on arrival or visa required information.

Latin America is a beautiful continent. Spanish speaking countries like Mexico, Venezuela, Cuba, Panama, Peru, Colombia, Chile, Argentina and many other has a lot of travel opportunities for volunteering and teaching English. If you are Latino, viaje conmigo!



When getting a long term visa is hard, trying to get a short term visa is helpful. If you are a first-time traveller then all you need to consider is your travel history. Applying to  an embassy can be tiring but it will give you a chance to get a long-term visa again. Don’t lose hope, remember, you are building trust and it can help you for your future travel.

If you will have an EU, CA, US visa approved your travel opportunity multiplies. It can also save you from spending a lot of visa fees.



If you don’t have a stable job and financially capable of traveling then forget about the visa. One thing that you should remember is you need to have money to travel. The more money you have the more chances of winning. Let us be honest, we cannot travel without money, but we can make money while travelling. One reason why you will get a rejection is you don’t have proof that you will come back to your country because of financial situation. The embassy will ask you a bank statement with stamp or credit card as a proof.

Having a job from your country of origin will give you a plus since your chance of going back is high. I don’t want to be offensive, however, I know some friends who travelled to Europe and never came back. They are killing the dreams of others and running from police every time is difficult. Not only that, they ended on cleaning toilets with low compensation.



Are you getting nervous for your visa interview? You shouldn’t. Take a deep breath and say “All is well”. Remember that, if you don’t have anything to hide then don’t worry anything. Based on my experience, putting a smile on your face can help you and the impression will stay last. Greet the interviewer with a smile, asking a simple “How are you?” will give your interviewer a positive impression. Answer politely and patiently.

Do not provide unnecessary information. Just provide an honest and concise answer.

The interviewer will not read all of the information that you will write on the application. In fact, they will only check on the documents submitted to them and some questions based on what you provided them during the interview. It may differ from one embassy to the other. However, the true intention of yours is a great advantage.



If your intention is to escape from your  country then better not to. If you are applying for a tourist visa then you need to go back to your home country on a specific date. If you need an extension, you need to report to the nearest police. Don’t be selfish, you are killing the dream of other people.

Staying illegally will give you a big trouble. As what I have said, you will end up in cleaning toilets. I am not against with this job, but I don’t tolerate this.



Not just an American company but an international company can provide you travel opportunities without putting too much pressure on how to get a visa. When I was in a call center industry owned by a Spanish based company, I was asked to  travel to Spain and I couldn’t say no.

I lived 6 months while doing my short term Spanish language class. I went back to train newly hired agents for Spanish account.


Seriously, there is nothing impossible. You can get whatever you want as long as you determine with your goals.


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Abdul Hafiz Ali
Founder and Editor in Chief
Hafiz is the Founder and Editor in Chief of Travel with Hafiz. He is an expat turned travel blogger, self-taught photographer and digital entrepreneur. He speaks Spanish, Arabic, and Filipino.

Hafiz is the Founder and Editor in Chief of Travel with Hafiz. He is an expat turned travel blogger, self-taught photographer and digital entrepreneur. He speaks Spanish, Arabic, and Filipino.

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